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request to extend stay

from Rawclyde! The purpose of the proposed extension is to obtain a small studio or rabbit hole for rent & settle at last here in Yuma, be it the will of God.  I’ve saved up enough carrots to do this, … Continue reading

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The Saint Joan of Arc Reincarnated Pictorial

from the editor of the Davy Crockett Reincarnated Almanac 2001-2008 ~~~ Seventeen-year-old Joan of Arc heeded the “mysterious” voices that only she heard in 1498.  These voices suggested that she, one lowly peasant maiden, lead France from out under the yoke of English domination… … Continue reading

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Hello, Stranger…

Ever feel like a stranger in a strange place? ~~~ I welcome YOU to A Ghost Town Called Love (poems 2012) ~~~   ~~~

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Rime Of The Ancient Mariner’s sequel salvaged in the desert!

The unexpurgated sequel to the Rime Of The Ancient Mariner has been found in the bushes alongside the Cyber Highway in Arizona. The masterpiece seems to have originated in Yuma AZ at the turn of the century.  No kidding.  This … Continue reading

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