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Road returns home…

~~~ ~~~ Having toured London & the British Isles for several months, Road of Road’s Cannon, the first of two short novels by Rawclyde, is returning home to the United States. “I squeezed that rock as dry as its going to get and its … Continue reading

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Ghosts of Churchill & Gandhi comment on the August riots…

~~~ 4th London dispatch: The pallid shade of Sir Winston Churchill peered at Road, chewed on the burned-out butt tween his teeth for a while and scoffed, “If these young folks insist on breaking the law, I propose they be … Continue reading

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A road princess pops the censorship bubble over Arizona!

Suddenly the peasantry in Arizona want to know more than they’re supposed to know. Suddenly these poor folks are now turning off their televisions, even throwing the goon boxes out windows, and starting to look around. Suddenly all Arizonans want … Continue reading

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