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Would you like to dance in the moonlight?

~ An excerpt from Deep Desert Blues http://deepdesertbluesiii.yolasite.com/trek-eighteen.php a long narrative rhyme by Rawclyde! ~

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Deep Desert Blues

~~~ Every cloud is a church in this sky ~ Every drop of rain an angel    dropping by… ~~~ Deep Desert Blues an endless narrative rhyme by RAWCLYDE ! http://deepdesertblues.yolasite.com/trek-one.php ~~~

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Classy dominatrix saves “Deep Desert Blues” from oblivion!

A classy dominatrix saved the endless narrative rhyme, “Deep Desert Blues,” from oblivion recently. The only blogger making comments on Deep Desert Blues was the author until Wendy Woo rode through the internet fog & slammed down something to say.  What … Continue reading

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Rime Of The Ancient Mariner’s sequel salvaged in the desert!

The unexpurgated sequel to the Rime Of The Ancient Mariner has been found in the bushes alongside the Cyber Highway in Arizona. The masterpiece seems to have originated in Yuma AZ at the turn of the century.  No kidding.  This … Continue reading

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