next door

Wild Women In The Borderlands Of My Mind


The music pounded like a locomotive.  The go-go girl followed it like a train.  And every patron in the bar was her caboose…



2 Responses to next door

  1. Roger Komula says:

    Clyde Collins – I remember you from DINFOS in 1980. My name is Roger Komula. I lived across the hall from you. I bought a copy of your book for $2. I need another. Mine was lost in an argument with a bulldozer. I still quote you.

    • Rawclyde! says:

      Didn’t I buy a book from you that you wrote also ~ lots of really nice songs in it?

      Incidently, you can read some of the poems (and songs) from For The Queen Of My Buffalos in the Wild Women short story collection, which is promoted here on this page.

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much…

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