At dusk

in a distant shrine

I see conflict

and a dominatrix glow







Deep Desert Blues


4 Responses to backyard

  1. Roger Komula says:

    I need to contact Clyde Collins – the poet of the Defense Information School in 1980. I need to buy a copy of his books. – My “For the Queen of My Buffalos” was lost tragically after being saved for 25 years.

    I stumbled upon this site accidentally. Could someone help me? Mine was autographed, “Howdy Roger, Rawclyde 1st edition” I carried it throiugh a divorce, several failed relationships. It was sort of an icon for me.

    • Rawclyde! says:

      Everything is okay, Mr. Komula… This is Clyde, the poor old author of that famous volume of hot rhyme and song! Oh, and those illustrations ~ aren’t they great!

      Those old books are all over the place. I got one, I think. I’ll check on it…

      Oh ~ I moved half your message above, outta the chapel, to here ~ the chapel being, of course, sacred ground. Please don’t be offended…

  2. Wow, what an interesting blog! You are very talented.:)

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