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I have employed a few pen names throughout the years. Rawclyde with an exclamation mark (!) is the one too sticky to go away...

sunday afternoon

a train song by rawclyde ! Sittin’ on my ass watching the trains roll by ~ Speeding thru space on a spinning planet & wondering why ~ Smeared by a gurl with a mind a whirl a thousand miles away … Continue reading

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backroom guidance for holiday celebrations

~ have a baloney sandwich & a cup o’ coffee & call it a beautiful day ~ rawclyde’s ranch ~

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surfer girl dunks momma shark

~ fueled by hillary dunk tulsi’s wave-catching campaign paddles along ~ by lisa lerer & nicholas casey new york times nov. 19, 2019 ~ Despite relatively modest support nationally, Ms. Tulsi Gabbard has delighted Republicans, independents and conservative Democrats who … Continue reading

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3:10 to yuma

from rawclyde ! Whatever is bothering you, get over it.  If you can’t get over it, live with it.  And if you can’t live with it, gracefully die without it, whatever It may be.  Amen. The economics of staying alive … Continue reading

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by rawclyde! Okay ~ there is to be no more crap from Clyde.  I am pushing 70 and I am tired of it.  And I have a hunch everybody else is tired of it too.  From now on it’s only … Continue reading

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