happy valentine’s day


Of All the Spirit’s Gifts to Me

by Fred Pratt Green



Of all the Spirit’s gifts to me,

I pray that I may never cease

to take and treasure most these three:

love, joy, and peace.


The Spirit shows me love’s

the root of every gift sent from above,

of every flower, of every fruit,

that God is love.


The Spirit shows if I possess

a love no evil can destroy;

how ever great is my distress,

then this is joy.


Though what’s ahead is mystery,

and life itself is ours on lease,

each day the Spirit says to me,

“Go forth in peace!”


We go in peace, but made aware

that, in a needy world like this,

our clearest purpose is to share

love, joy, and peace.


Copyright 1979 Hope Publishing Co.

found in The United Methodist Hymnal


About Rawclyde!

I have employed a few pen names throughout the years. Rawclyde with an exclamation mark (!) is the one too sticky to go away...
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