fading away on the chapel floor




About Rawclyde!

I have employed a few pen names throughout the years. Rawclyde with an exclamation mark (!) is the one too sticky to go away...
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5 Responses to fading away on the chapel floor

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    Why, when I’m viewing what the public sees while I’m not logged-in, is there an ad stuck ‘tween the Brut ad I installed & its link? Is it because the ad folks are bully boys without integrity? Is it because the mysterious ad folks are at war with free blogs? Why don’t they try making real money with real integrity instead of with mass bull-shit production? Why should I pay a penny or more to get rid of these ads when I feel my arm is being twisted? Has wordpress.com lost its wits? Has it begun losing website writers & editors yet? Are their free blogs eventually going to end up with ads and ads only?

    And elsewhere, why is there an ad ‘tween my by-line & the pic that represents me? Oh, I get it! The ad folks are morons!!!

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