Going To Prescott II

by Cloyd Campfire


Chapter 11

Lonesome Highway Song


Walking down the
highway ~

Ain’t it silly
My Way ~

Ain’t there a
sly way ~

To revisit the
I saw in your eyes ~

When your dress
your thighs ~

And I gave-up
ing wise!

Stalking untouchable dreams
down down
the grueling highway ~

Descending down down
the canyon
of No Way ~

Is it possible
this is
God’s Way ~

Of turning
around ~

Painting my face
so that I
am a clown ~

Aimless like a gnat
100 light-years
above the ground!

Step by step
around the bend & down
the moon-lit highway ~

Ain’t there a motel
on this byway ~

Into the languidity of having
pointed to say ~

carbon man ~

And his
carbon plan ~

To drive drive drive
’til the shit hits
that’s right, the fan!!!



About Rawclyde!

I have employed a few pen names throughout the years. Rawclyde with an exclamation mark (!) is the one too sticky to go away... Came of age at Crawford High, San Diego, CA ~ writing sports, a column, & playing football ~ graduated in '68... Attended SDSU for a couple years... Hit the road in a '56 Chevy milk-truck, a "studymobile," filling up notebooks & working as a laborer in the southwest... Practiced the genteel art of fiction for several years in my hometown... Enlisted in the U.S. Army ~ they made me a newsman in Hawaii ~ wrote another column for a while... Attended more courses at SDSU ~ studied novel writing with Professor Charlie Brashers... Sold books out of an '85 Ford one-ton van, a "book mule," in the desert... Did some writing in an old hotel in Prescott AZ... Have written & self-published 9 or so books ~ many of which are hiding out on the cyber highway...
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