Goddess Arrives

She is beautiful to the seeker of truth

Terrible to those who injure

Devotees of truth




I bow to thee

& why not?

Thee, who art good & in whom one takes refuge


Ye are the nectar of immortality

Oh eternal

& imperishable One


Ye are

The embodiment of the

Om sound


Ye are verily that which cannot be




Ye are the

Supreme empress

Of all devas


By you this universe is born

By you this universe is created

By you it is protected


Oh ye who are the template of the whole world

Ye are the creative force

Ye are the protective power


And at the time of the dissolution

Of the world

Ye are the destructive power


Ye are the supreme knowledge

The great intellect

& contemplation


Also ye are the great delusion

The great goddess

The great daemonette


Ye are the primordial


Of everything


Ye are the dark might & dark night

Of periodic & final dissolution &

The terrible night of delusion


Ye are the goddess, the ruler of








Armed with sword, spear, club

discus, conch, bow & arrows, Slings & mace

You are terrible


And at the same time pleasing

Ye are more pleasing than all pleasing things

And exceedingly beautiful


Ye are indeed

La Supreme  Durga

Beyond high & low


And whatever or wherever a thing exists

Real or unreal

Whatever power there is in it, is possessed by You


Oh you who are the soul of everything

How can I

Extol you more than this



Oh queen of all

I bow to thee again

& again


 Oh Durga indomitable

Devi devine

Please save us from error


Amen & Hallelujah








About Rawclyde!

I have employed a few pen names throughout the years. Rawclyde with an exclamation mark (!) is the one too sticky to go away...
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