Note II From The Editor

Hello Cherished & Inestimable Reader!

It has been decided by my distinguished colleagues and my humble self that, since I’ve turned into a rabbit, yours truly can levitate too.  Why not?

Recently in the ghost town, alas, a comment landed.  Such appearances on my vast & bountiful ranch have been rare lately.  I appreciate the comment dearly, like, it’s a wake-up call, and by a particularly devoted soul.  Aye!  A spirituality passionately in love with our favorite divinity.


Can one not be serious & still get to heaven?  I don’t know.  But I am sure there are more than enough humans on our awesome evolving spaceship Earth, who claim to know.  So be it.

We all get serious sooner or later, especially in the middle of the night when sleep slyly escapes & thoughts of relentless death sneak up on us.  Nobody is a total joker.


Being a happy go lucky jack rabbit hopping around my own ranch, now & then mending fence but mostly chewing on the more scrumptious shrub, I am aware that there are coyotes present, and a mountain lion or two, who find me to be as scrumptious appearing as all these various shrubs & grasses appear to me.  Oh well.  But please don’t let jealousy, the most foolish of emotions, take root amongst my precious love objects.

The rocks.  God, I love the rocks.  I can stare at them for hours.  As the sun moves across the sky, they change colors, you know.  So many shapes & sizes.  So permanent.

It was a beautiful comment, based on an ideology that has been growing riper & riper for a couple centuries & always seems ready to explode ~ but never does.  People come.  People go.  And we come & go forever believing.

Please forgive me, wily & smiley reader, for occasionally getting crass, sometimes perhaps too crass for my own good.  I like to charm.  I like Like buttons.  And I would like to blog like smooth rolling waves nibbling on the happy & welcoming shores of your mind.  But, alas, I cannot help myself when it comes to occasionally taunting & teasing them silly coyotes & mountain lions.

Love must be the answer!

yours truly


top hat


About Rawclyde!

I have employed a few pen names throughout the years. Rawclyde with an exclamation mark (!) is the one too sticky to go away...
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