The Obama Goal

Obama Girl 2008


from Rawclyde 2012

The primary goal here is to keep Barack Obama in the White House.

The President has more integrity than his opponent Mitt Romney.  Romney keeps changing his mind.  For example, he no longer backs affordable healthcare for the American people like he did when he was a governor.  He backs gargantuan profits for insurance industry CEOs now instead ~ like up to 42-million dollars last year for Stephen Hemsley of the United Health Group.  Hemsley is one of Romney’s wealth-gluttonized constituents.

Obama is more genuine.  He’s pulling us outta Afghanistan after ordering and authorizing the American military to capture and kill Bin Laden in Pakistan.  He said he’d get us outta of Iraq and we’re out.  The economy would be growing more so if it wasn’t for the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives putting common sense on hold for the last two years ~ while they pursue their number-one goal ~ getting rid of President Obama.  Why do the leaders of the Republican Party want to get rid of Obama?  Oh yeah, that’s right ~ he wants the tax cuts for the super rich to expire so we can keep a social safety net for ~ for who?  The American people.

Barack’s back-up is plain ordinary people struggling for joy and freedom in America.  Mitt’s primary back-up is fat cats ~ period.  Mitt’s back-up is men with an agenda that whittles on ordinary people ~ sculptures them into slaves.  Oil tycoons David & Charles Koch are footing a large enough part of Romney’s bill to be the true residents in the White House if their white-boy clone wins the election this November.  Then the Koch brothers dream is to deregulate the oil industry for fatter profits than they already got while poisoning our land.  We, the people, don’t want to serve corporate agenda.  We, the people, want corporations to serve us.

If we can keep Mr. Obama in the White House he’ll be positioned to strengthen our democratic institutions and economy with everyday people in mind.  Quite frankly, he’s got the balls to do what he thinks is best.  And he does know how to think.  Mitt will be the super-rich man’s puppet flip-flopping around, tied to all them strings, to make those fellers who are addicted to wealth even wealthier.

The economy was written off by the Republican Party two years ago when they won the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Too many in this majority promised not to raise taxes on those with all the money & decided their number-one goal was to get rid of our president.  Why do they want to get rid of President Obama?

Why don’t you ask them.  I’ve been asking Republicans for two years now and all I get in reply are ethnic jokes and “I hate him!”  Meanwhile President Obama has passed health care reform, wall street reform, and the stimulus which saved the country from a 30’s like depression.  He ended the war in Iraq, is drawing down the war in Afghanistan.  He turned around the failing U.S. auto industry, invested the nation in renewable energy technology, cut taxes for the middle-class about 15 times, and the list goes on while certain bumkins around me holler he’s done nothing.

What do you think about the actuality that Black folks saved your democracy with the advent of the 1965 Voter Rights Act?  They marched in the streets and got beat-up for that ~ just like the Americans in the early 20th century marched barefoot in the snow for an 8-hour working day instead of wage slavery.  The Black folks who marched thru the 60s are more American than those people who want to get rid of Obama.  Greed hate and fear must not overcome love peace and freedom ~ not in the election of 2012.

Mitt Romney’s back-up decided to screw the economy two-years ago and blame it on your president.  Well, let’s put it on top of the table.  Right now.  Fuck the economy.  The goal is Obama in the White House for 4 more years.  He can do it for the American people.


Amber Lee Ettinger was Obama Girl…


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