America, wake up!



Bread of life,

hope of the world,

Jesus Christ, our brother:

feed us now,

give us life

   lead us to one another…

~ Bernadette Farrell ~



They’re addicted to wealth worse than dopers addicted to heroin.  They’re more destructive than alcoholics in your fuzziest nightmare.  The filthy rich top 10% in the United States ruin millions of lives so that they can get richer & richer & still more richer.

They ship jobs overseas so that they don’t have to share profits with those who assisted in making them rich ~ you and your labor.  They recently had a country invaded, & had murdered & displaced millions of people, so that the kings of oil could glut themselves on the highest recorded profits in history.  The costs of this war, the Iraq War, led to the collapse of the U.S. economy while the filthy rich got, yes, richer & filthy-ass richer.  Big Corporation CEOs award themselves millions in bonuses & pay you minimum wage & ship the rest of the jobs overseas where they can pay college graduates a dollar a day.  These criminals in spanky garb pillage your lives, your government, your nation & collapsed the economy with their insatiable greed.

Their minions talk out both sides of their mouths about capitalism & socialism.  Slander is policy.  If you don’t agree with them you’re a communist.  Lies are truth.  Repetition is wisdom.  They’re full of bull-shit.  The filthy rich are organ-grinders grinding up humans & their favorite performing monkey over the past years has been Rush Limbaugh.  Go ahead, believe their Republican & media minions & become their goon.  Believe them & watch the United States of America become Goon Nation.  Is this what you want?  I don’t think so.

Vote wisely & keep our democracy alive.  Stay informed, read between the lines.  With higher & higher taxes for the top 10% we can empty the coffers of the filthy rich.  We can then ship them overseas.  I don’t need these criminal elitists in my country.

Vote Democratic, not Republican, in the elections of 2012.  And vote for the Obamassiah!


Yours truly,

Elfego Baca Reincarnated


Go ahead, take a look at Senor Baca’s later political commentary:


About Rawclyde!

I have employed a few pen names throughout the years. Rawclyde with an exclamation mark (!) is the one too sticky to go away...
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2 Responses to America, wake up!

    • rawclyde009 says:

      Good to know. I took a peek. Nice meeting you!!! I shall return…

      Update 12/23/2011: It was a “fun” article with an enlightening chart to which you directed me, and to which I responded, and now ~ I await further political implications, explanations, and actions…

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