Ghosts of Churchill & Gandhi comment on the August riots…


4th London dispatch:

The pallid shade of Sir Winston Churchill peered at Road, chewed on the burned-out butt tween his teeth for a while and scoffed, “If these young folks insist on breaking the law, I propose they be constructive about it, if they’re not already, by donating their confiscated loot to those more poor than them ~ if they can find anybody that poor.  If not, then to their neighbors.”

“You don’t think they’re thugs then?” interviewed Road.

“No, they’re not thugs!” blared Churchill.  “They’re young ladies and gentlemen in need of decent employment…”

“And gentle and loving guidance,” kindly interjected the ghost of Gandhi.  He hummed a bar or two of a Hindi melody.

Churchill spit-out what was left of one soggy stogie ~ onto the pavement of Trafalgar Square ~ where it plopped sickeningly.  A large brown puddle slowly formed around the gooey lump of tobacco as the great statesman continued, “And, of course, military service.  They’ll get good ass-kicking guidance there that’ll help ’em.”  Churchill guffawed and slammed the picnic table with his fist, which rearranged the checkers in his favor.  He was smiling now!

Gandhi said, “Their rioting might rise in public opinion if taken in a more positive direction, like the one taken when they ransacked the more upscale neighborhoods rather than meaninglessly busting-up their own already broken-down haunts.”

“If,” continued Gandhi.  The little half-naked Hindoo squinted sideways at Road.  “If ~ if these young people combine a spiritual awakening with their next marauding, like a new found devotion in somebody like the mother of Jesus perhaps, then ultimate triumph will belong to them.”

“And,” added Winston, as with his last king on the checkerboard he jumped every one of Gandhi’s men and won the game!  “A progressive evolution of our species, society, and British government will prevail.”

“And the universe will remain biologically sound,” said Gandhi.  He thoughtfully scratched his armpit ~ peered down at the checkerboard ~ empty now but for one lone king ~ Winston’s.

“And God bless ’em all!” exclaimed young American outlaw Road ~ his arms outspread…

(to be continued)

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I have employed a few pen names throughout the years. Rawclyde with an exclamation mark (!) is the one too sticky to go away...
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10 Responses to Ghosts of Churchill & Gandhi comment on the August riots…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your characterization of Gandhi is interesting. He appears to feel quite differently about things like religion and violence in the afterlife than he did when he was alive. This story is taking some interesting turns. I’m curious to see where you will go next.

    • EvilPoet says:

      The above post is me! Not sure why I was not logged in. Sorry about that!

      • rawclyde009 says:

        See what happens when you start sneeking around ~ you get labeled “anonymous”.

        Actually, some days ago, I was clicking around behind the curtain ~ made it so that anybody can comment. I guess, if you don’t log-in, you’re identified by the blog as anybody ~ thus “anonymous”. Only the blog demons know what will happen next if I try to fix it again.

        Let’s see, where were we? Oh yes ~ Gandhi!

        His viewpoints, I suppose, are microscopically recorded and chiseled in concrete ~ but it might depend on which biography you read. I haven’t read his autobiography. I read a duet biography of Gandhi and Churchill ~ published, I believe, about 3 or 4 years ago. I thought it was very good. It might also depend on what you remember reading or seeing on a video somewhere. I remember, in this book, violence was everywhere, influenced and not influenced by Gandhi. Some times he caused violence ~ lot’s of it ~ but not on purpose. His comments sometimes seemed to be more political than from the heart. He was one hell of a politician. They sometimes have to say things they don’t want to say.

        He was close friends with the English lady who wrote a fair-sized tome on spirituality entitled, “Isis Unveiled”, of which I read a fair chunk. She was a beautiful writer. I’m led to believe Gandhi read the whole thing and liked it. Religious views might change around a bit after dying, don’t you think?

        You probably know all this and more. Just babbling…

        • EvilPoet says:

          If I was trying to sneak around I didn’t do a very good job of it! Why would I have posted that reply to myself if I was trying to sneak around? 😀

          Truth be told rawclyde – I find religion and religious people quite uninteresting and anywhere from slightly creepy to off-the-charts creepy. The only thing creepier is a religious politician. The things that occupy spiritual/religious type minds seem more self serving than anything else. Spiritually enlightened advanced beings – humans that have somehow managed to rise above it all and know more than most can show us ignorant ones the way. What a crock! Where has all this spiritual enlightenment gotten us in the whole scope of things? Nowhere. We as a collective have learned nothing. We seek to find answers from dead people rather than learn from their mistakes and surpass them. I know that my way of thinking is tantamount to treason in a world so heavily steeped in religion that it can barely breathe but it’s what I think.

          As I said before, your story is taking some interesting turns (like it did with Gandhi and religion/violence). I’m curious where you will go with it next.

          • rawclyde009 says:

            Free will, in other words, is a very good thing. Self-expression is a very good thing too. Amen & hallelujah.

            P.S. I enjoyed contrasting Churchill & Gandhi over a friendly game of checkers.

  2. EvilPoet says:

    I read an article awhile back that said Churchill took a very hard line against Gandhi. Would have let him starve if it wasn’t a bad political move to do so. Anyway, it’s been nice chatting with you rawclyde but I must be moseying along. The dinner bell is ringing and my stomach demands I answer the call. Have a good evening. I’ll be seeing ya! 🙂

  3. Hi, Rawclyde. I really like this post, it’s fascinating imagining what Churchill and Ghandi would have to say. I also like the sentiment behind it- that these people don’t need locking up, they need guidance 🙂

    • rawclyde009 says:

      Thank you, Ms. Grant.

      I’ve read two of your essays on the R.E. Grant blog out of Scotland. I’m amazed by your prowess with the pen and your political savvy. You are one hell of a spokesperson for your generation of rabble-rousers. They’re lucky to have you aboard their vessel of no return ~ and, believe me, each new generation sails such a vessel. I think your essays can be read positively from both sides of the aisle without creating animosity on either side ~ and to everyone’s benefit. Ye have a gift!

      Incidentally, the Churchill/Gandhi opinion-on-the-August-riots piece, if you didn’t notice, is 1 of a 5-part promotion for the short novel I wrote years ago, Road’s Cannon . I thought this tall one might be a fun kind of read for the “riotous children of merry England” ~ please forgive me ~ I couldn’t help myself ~ I’m 61 ~ slipped over the edge a long time ago.

      Maybe I can talk a London publisher into picking it up. Ha ha! Take care!

  4. rawclyde009 says:

    Mr. N. “Shining City On A Hill” Williams, thank you for the “like”!

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