An American outlaw from yesteryear hobnobs in London…

Trafalgar Fountain in London


2nd London dispatch:

When young mystic Road reached the Trafalgar Fountain all was sunny and peaceful.  He caught sight of two lovers squeezing each other.  And as he strolled along a playful child’s ball bumped up against the toe of his boot.  He nudged the ball forward amidst fresh and rosy laughter.

There was nothing to do.

So America’s favorite outlaw, Road, sat down at a picnic table and became involved in a game of checkers ‘tween two ghosts.  The two ghosts were content as was possible for pallid ghosts to be ~ there in bustling London.

“Your move,” said one ghost to the other.

“No it’s not.  It’s your move.  I just took your king.”

“You didn’t, Mahatma!”


Road’s eyes went round.  The feller called “Winston” was big and florid, wearing a top hat, dressed in a suit and smoking a cigar.  The one called “Mahatma” was a little, wrinkled-up, old chap wearing nothing but a diaper.  Could the young outlaw be sitting at a table with the ghosts of Winston Churchill and Mahatma Gandhi?

And what about the riots?  Everything was so peaceful here…

(to be continued)

About Rawclyde!

I have employed a few pen names throughout the years. Rawclyde with an exclamation mark (!) is the one too sticky to go away...
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8 Responses to An American outlaw from yesteryear hobnobs in London…

  1. EvilPoet says:

    There is one thing this story is missing. What might that be you ask? Well, I’ll tell you – it doesn’t give photo credit where credit is due. Personally speaking, I prefer the more colorful versions of both those photos. I wonder what the photographers who took the photos would think of your altered versions. I suppose an outlaw doesn’t really care about such things being an outlaw and all.

  2. rawclyde009 says:

    Fair play can be very important ~ especially to an outlaw. However, Road is the outlaw, not I, not now ~ unless you give me a good reason.

    Credit for these photos was pretty obscure at “” and at “Travel Decisions” ( And maybe, just maybe, the photographers would appreciate their work fitting the format rather than being so picky.

    There’s lots of things this story is missing ~ but not a reader. E. Poet, thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  3. EvilPoet says:

    Thanks for the update. 🙂

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