The Road Princess And Eternity

Her last memories were of the shotgun going off ~ the shotgun that was aimed at her head ~ and of herself falling backwards.  She must have fallen out of the van.  Yes, she remembered falling, tumbling, the flashing sky…


The Road Princess And Eternity

a short novel




About Rawclyde!

I have employed a few pen names throughout the years. Rawclyde with an exclamation mark (!) is the one too sticky to go away...
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10 Responses to The Road Princess And Eternity

  1. EvilPoet says:

    I don’t generally like stories like this but I enjoyed this one.

    • rawclyde009 says:

      Thank you very much, Evil Poet, for welcoming Ruthie Root Beer at the door of your eyes and letting her walk into your mind. I’d like to throw a party over this ~ not in your mind but across the street ~ in mine. Of course you’re invited!!!

      This is a milestone for the story ~ as far as I’m concerned ~ to have it explored by another living entity on the internet and be told about it. You’ve made history! Or herstory! So to speak.

      I’m full of questions ~ all kinds of cornball questions ~ about how you liked the story, etc. etc. But I’ll spare you and just reiterate ~ Thank you.

      Every time I drop by your place I’m like bowled over by another beautiful photo. The cake was outrageous. We’re eating the rest of it right now ~ at this party in my mind…

      • EvilPoet says:

        You’re very welcome. I kindly decline your invitation. I’m not one for parties or any social situations for that matter. Thank you for including me though, much appreciated! Enjoy the cake! Feel free to scarf it all up and share it with anyone who might saunter on in to join you in your cerebral celebrations. I can’t eat that kind of stuff anymore but I sure do like to make that kind of stuff for other people. Enjoy!

        I like the story and although you are being kind and not pressing me for more input than what I posted I feel it’s only fair given my comment regarding it that it does in fact deserve further explanation of what I liked as well as what I didn’t. I’m not really good at this sort of thing so bear with me. Rather than you asking me anything I will offer my point of view – feel free to clarify anything that might come off as confusing.

        Overall, I like that Ruthie is strong. She is roaming around the desert on her own and holding up quite well under harsh conditions. I like that trait – she is a survivor. I find her as a character to be very likable. She reminds me a bit of Tank Girl which I think is awesome! Even when she goes mad from being baked by the sun she has a wonderful self-assuredness that comes through all the delusion. I connected with her as a younger me or a younger me that I wished I could have been.

        You’re a good writer and so I do not want you to think that what I’m about to say is any reflection on that cause it’s not at all. It’s something that is a personal bias – actually it’s two somethings. The first is the narrator of Ruthie’s story is too focused on her physical beauty – to the point of flirting with crossed lines – again this is a personal thing that I do not enjoy in a story. I think it distracts away from the inside of her. Beyond her sex appeal there is more. She thinks philosophically but you can’t see that if it stays inside of her. You actually started to show that part of her in her interaction with that brute Curly. BTW, as an aside – that part totally took me by surprise! Anyway, if you developed her more that way (philosophically) rather than focus on the outside physical attributes the whole story and Ruthie would become more interesting I think.

        The second is the religious/fortune teller stuff. I’m not religious and I’m a skeptic so unless the religious/new age stuff goes on to make some sort of philosophical point I find that sort of stuff to be very annoying and off-putting. On a positive note – at least you didn’t call the Fortune Teller a Gypsy Fortune Teller like most do. Speaking as someone who is Romany on my Father’s side – I find the use of that term to be particularly galling.

        So there you have it – my rather long winded take on the story. 😀

        • rawclyde009 says:

          Your critique is thorough & honest & appreciated.

          You’ve also introduced me to Tank Girl. I never knew about her. She has an “official” website for us to explore:

          You said you found Ruthie “very likable” ~ that’s the best part of everything! Tank Girl has, according to Wikipedia, a “cult following” and that’s yabba-dabba cool. However, Ruthie hopefully isn’t too much of a comic-book character ~ although I can see where she might get pawned off as such by some readers. One reader/writer/friend of mine along the way wrote her off as a “bimbo.” Most men like her. One friend told me he “laughed like hell” through the whole thing.

          I published 100 copies in 1990. They disappeared pretty quickly at 5 dollars a piece or traded ~ once for 5 dollars off a dental bill.

          Quite frankly, we all love Ruthie Root Beer, the Road Princess of America, me and my tiny “cult following” which has totally faded away 21 years later. This is pretty satisfying re-issuing her on the internet like this ~ with one whole reader for sure so far. Don’t let me go commercial now!

          I think I should address the religious aspects of the story that left you, I gather, a bit put off. Having had a couple full-blown nervous breakdowns while growing up, I wanted to romanticize a nervous breakdown into a religious experience ~ and that’s what the road princess wound-up, very manipulated by the author, experiencing in her thirsty sojourn & “sensuous” motel-room climax. I don’t think these religious aspects, the way they’re written, detract too much from the romantic-comedy feel of the story.

          The religious aspects I mean’t to portray as wildly absurd ~ yet impossibly possible. My athiest friends condemn them but do so smiling. I imagine a religious fundamentalist would find them, when the aspects slip into the sexual act, gravely offensive ~ if they would read it. I don’t know of any that have read it.

          The sexual forways, if taken seriously, are, I suppose, heresy. If not taken too seriously ~ fun. So I, the author of all things here, tooled Jesus to ride around the sky like a vaquero and rest-up in his bunkhouse up above. And I believe He enjoys this work and is cutout supremely for it. The debate goes on for the skeptics & others as to the reality of the living or not so living Entity. He’s real or he’s not. It’s up to every individual exposed to the scripture to decide for him or herself. The truth is the truth and seems to splash in whatever direction it wishes.

          The Holy Bible can be applied by those in the midst of growing up as a handbook on sex. The Road Princess And Eternity can result ~ if allowed.

          What’s the difference ~ if the resulting marriage is sound? It’s an individual thing. Whose gonna throw the first stone ~ and get laughed off the planet?

          When I hit the road as a novice back in the early ’70s the kids ran up & down Bourbon Street in the New Orleans nite saying to everybody ~ “Jesus loves you!” They said it to me and handed me a peanut-butter sandwich. It stuck. So be it. It’s a Christian thing.

          The Christians, I believe, provide one of many road maps to ~ The Light. And I personally have no answers for anybody else but myself.

          Please be a skeptic if you wish to be. We need skeptics. Skeptics make the world real ~ so that 2 & 2 continue to equal 4.

          I used to call this “foolosophy.” I guess I still do. I thought I was done trying to figure out such stuff.

          And again ~ thank you ~ especially for the delicious cake. I ended up eating the whole thing myself ~ with a tall glass filled and refilled with cold buttermilk. It settled nicely in the swirling air of my mind.

          Oh yes! I must address your very deserved criticism of the narrator being stuck obnoxiously on Ruthie’s physical attributes. What can I say? He could have disciplined himself into a more intellectual flight ~ sure. But this is pulp fiction ~ one of the major reasons, I risk to say, for the writing of this story was to poetize luxuriously the beauty and link to divinity of the female belly-button. Please forgive this narrator if such rank poetizing intruded upon your enjoyment of the tall story.

          You might be right, though ~ the narration might have done better without this so-called poetizing. But a story can only be so good and then it’s over…

          • EvilPoet says:

            I take this reply to mean that you’re not going to honor my request. Alright, it’s your site and you can do what you like. Us? We? Unless you’re referring to your “cult following” and didn’t clarify that fact – I think it’s rather presumptuous of you to refer to ‘us’ and ‘we’ with a plea to help keep you on track thrown in as well. There is no ‘us’ or ‘we’ now or anytime in the future – I fly solo. To be perfectly clear so there is no confusion – I’m happy with things as they are in my life and have no intention of changing anything in that regard. If I gave the impression of it being otherwise, I apologize. That was not my intention at all!

            I liked the story. I like lots of stories that I read. As I said, you’re a good writer. There are many of you out there. You wanted feedback and I gave that. It starts and ends there. You are publishing now via the internet. This affords so many opportunities to get all sorts of feedback and have your story read where you couldn’t pre-internet age – embrace that and run with it.

            By adding my take I didn’t think I was making some sort of commitment to an ‘us’ or a ‘we’. I will follow your work like I do other writers that I like. I wish you all the best in all your current and future endeavors. Whatever it is you’re looking for I hope you find it and reap all the rewards once you get there.


  2. rawclyde009 says:

    The rest of this exceptional model’s portfolio can be seen here:

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