Ode To El Cajon Boulevard

God created angels to fly above your head…


The sun’s going down

I’m feeling high

driving up El Cajon Boulevard ~

I’m in the best

truck this city’s ever seen

purple, faded, old, and chipped ~

and I got a cigar in my mouth

puffin’ away ~

the red lights blink

the traffic sings…


   Yeah ~

there’s a little boy

walkin’ on the sidewalk

with a bubble around his head ~

here comes a little girl

pops the bubble with a pin

and she says to him ~


“Love is insanity and I’m Insane.”


   Yeah ~

there between two buildings

crawls an old woman on her knees

with a piece of fish in her hand ~

she’s chasing a cat

   cackling at the cat ~


“Love is insanity and I’m insane.”


   Hmm ~

there’s two girls and a guy

sittin’ on a wall, all

three smoking cigarettes ~

the two girls talk to each other

as the guy silently sits by himself

  blowing smoke rings that signal ~


“Love is insanity and I’m insane.”


Well well ~

an old man in a Cadillac

just stopped to pick up a

hitch-hiking  junior-high-school girl ~

she won’t get in

the old man pulls a knife

she pulls a gun ~

a cop rolls by and

they both start to run ~

on his radio

the cop calls the chief to tell him ~



love is insanity and I’m insane.”


The cop cruises along

finds a girl in a bathrobe

crossing the street ~

He finds out she’s escaped

from a hospital she thinks

she doesn’t belong at ~

he tells her “You got to go back”

and she replies ~



love is insanity and I’m insane!”


On El Cajon Boulevard

life rolls on ~

Some of these people don’t even know

their sanity is gone…


Now here comes

a public health nurse

foaming at the mouth and

throwing water balloons at

billboards ~ she’s

got a whole wheel-barrel

full of water balloons

and a nest full of baby sparrows

in her hair ~ the

tiny birds chirp madly ~


“Love is insanity and this nurse

doesn’t know she’s insane!”


I’ll bet you

this darlin’ goes home

crawls into her lab ~

puts love on the table

gives it a stab ~

cuts it to pieces

trying to figure it out ~

but all she gets is a dead frog

with its guts spread all about ~

oh I bet

it’s hard on her brain

trying to stay normal and plain

when each piece of gut

whispers to her soul ~


“Love is insanity and you’re insane!”


Little girls smile

dogs wag their tales ~

I live in an old slow truck

and my brothers are snails ~

I’m driving along all alone

on this boulevard of charm

looking for the ride-seeking thumb

on any hitch-hiking arm ~

I don’t want to get too righteous

but I can’t refrain ~


“Love is insanity and I’m insane.”



For The Queen Of My Buffalos

a book by Rawclyde!

( copyright Clyde Collins 1980 )



About Rawclyde!

I have employed a few pen names throughout the years. Rawclyde with an exclamation mark (!) is the one too sticky to go away...
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13 Responses to Ode To El Cajon Boulevard

  1. 78jess says:

    I think this is wonderful!

  2. wendywoo20 says:

    Thanks for your comments on my blog while I was away dealing with real life demands. I like this blog here. it might have drifted on a little long, in my humble opinion, but I really like the first few verses. Stay insane!

    • rawclyde009 says:

      And thank you for “popping” by. I am one mucking mule always eager to slavishly serve in your stable, Wendywoo.

      Perhaps if some day you were to read this ode again, the rest of the verses would endear themselves to you as well as the first few.

      Oh Empress of my shackled kneeling bowed-head affliction, bless bless bless you and your dominatrix glow ~ I’ve missed your authoritative surety so!!!

  3. rawclyde009 says:

    Ms. E Poet, thank you for the “like”!

  4. Pierre says:

    Love is insanity and you’re insane!

    haha, that was funny. I’m thinking about robbing a bank and I have the perfect excuse: Love is “insanity and you’re insane!”

    Nice poem.

    Although I do love the nonchalant gaze, the “feigned denial,” I didn’t like the gloves and her playing music appears “artificial,” not coming from her heart. She’s not playing music, that is.

    I liked the previous image on Wendy’s site better.

    • rawclyde009 says:

      Thank you for dropping by and forwarding your observation, Monsieur Pierre. After receiving your comment I made a print of the picture and mused over it for some time. She must not be playing music wearing gloves like that. Is it not true? Finally I showed the print to a fairly keen and observant friend of mine ~ and I told him, “She’s not playing music.” My friend studied the print for a long thoughtful moment, looked up and said, “She doesn’t have to.” And he handed it back to me.

      There you go…

      The endless back and forth of this scene, to me, is really something. This, and the other photo too, seem to continuously intrigue Old Clyde.

      Thanks again for dropping by. Drop by anytime! Your visit is an honest refreshment…

  5. amazing poem! i never thought i will read a poem as long as this one at a single go! i usually save them and read them later.

  6. Maggie Mae says:

    I’m so glad you shared this with me. I love it. I loved it enough to read through the comments. Great piece. Great talent!!

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