A road princess pops the censorship bubble over Arizona!

Suddenly the peasantry in Arizona want to know more than they’re supposed to know.

Suddenly these poor folks are now turning off their televisions, even throwing the goon boxes out windows, and starting to look around.

Suddenly all Arizonans want to vote and not for those now in charge of the 48th state to achieve statehood.


Suddenly they’re all reading The Road Princess And Eternity by Rawclyde!

This slim little novel, which is about a beautiful go-go girl of yesteryear lost in the Arizona outback, has taken the southwestern state by storm.  The tall story is such a potent piece of spiritual hullabaloo that it has mysteriously, mystically, miraculously popped the censorship bubble under which the Arizona populace has suffered, especially politically, for decades.  First copyrighted in 1990, The Road Princess And Eternity has been pretty much an unexplored literary territory until it was recently resuscitated on the internet by its relatively unknown author, Rawclyde!  Now, suddenly, Arizonans are reading it.

Oh oh.  And now Arizonans wanna know everything!



About Rawclyde!

I have employed a few pen names throughout the years. Rawclyde with an exclamation mark (!) is the one too sticky to go away... Came of age at Crawford High, San Diego, CA ~ writing sports, a column, & playing football ~ graduated in '68... Attended SDSU for a couple years... Hit the road in a '56 Chevy milk-truck, a "studymobile," filling up notebooks & working as a laborer in the southwest... Practiced the genteel art of fiction for several years in my hometown... Enlisted in the U.S. Army ~ they made me a newsman in Hawaii ~ wrote another column for a while... Attended more courses at SDSU ~ studied novel writing with Professor Charlie Brashers... Sold books out of an '85 Ford one-ton van, a "book mule," in the desert... Did some writing in an old hotel in Prescott AZ... Have written & self-published 9 or so books ~ many of which are hiding out on the cyber highway...
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  1. rawclyde009 says:

    A portfolio of Lucretia, one exceptional model, can be seen here:

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